Just 30 minutes, 5 times a week. That’s how much most health guidelines reckon is enough to significantly improve your health. We believe ‘it all adds up,’ whether you’re gardening, going to the gym, or jogging.

Our all new exercise referral programme, Get Active, aims to increase your day-to-day activity levels, helping with individual health issues whilst taking into consideration your personal likes, dislikes and lifestyle.

By tailoring your programme to your own preferences, you’ll soon find you’re easily hitting that recommended 30 minutes… and enjoying it too!


How does the programme work?

The 12-week Exercise Referral Scheme that either you or a Health Professional has referred you to has been carefully designed to provide a specialist exercise programme that will help you reach your goals.

Following your referral, you will complete an online questionnaire and book your exercise consultation. We endeavour to book you in within 14 days of receiving the referral. Don’t worry if you are unable to work online: our team can contact you via other means.

You will receive two exercise consultations: one at the beginning of your 12 weeks and one at the end. The exercise consultation will last between 30 and 60 minutes and follows a four-fold approach:

  • Information check
  • Health check
  • Motivation and goal setting
  • Personalised physical activity prescription.


Following the initial consultation, you will be provided with a physical activity prescription consisting of four key elements:

  • Personal plan: activities recommended to attend
  • Activities that you could attend (likely not delivered by Active Nation but beneficial)
  • Self-led activities to complete
  • General advice and guidance


Once underway, the programme will take place over 12 consecutive weeks.

Each participant may utilise the scheme in different ways; you are welcome to attend multiple venues and/or complete activities elsewhere such as walking or group-based activities. You can swim during public sessions and use the gym outside of supervised sessions, providing you do not require assistance.

Our set referral classes such as low intensity circuits, Gym and Aqua sessions are recommended to those completing the programme; there is no limit on the number of sessions each participant can attend over their 12 weeks.

We will contact you half way through your programme to check how you’re getting on and to help you with any difficulties you may have encountered.


What are the costs?

There will be an initial cost for your consultation. At your first consultation, if an individual activity plan is required, there is a fee for using Active Nation venues which will be collected at the consultation. This will cover the cost of the advice and 12-week activity prescription.



For more information, please contact the Active Communities Team on 023 8078 4131

[email protected]