Christin from ActiveAbility Southampton is our local hero this month. The passion for his inclusive exercise has meant that regional competition is now on the cards, only a few months after taking up inclusive cricket sessions, by Active Nation. Read more

My Internship Story

Here at the Active Communities team, we run a series of internship opportunities that can really benefit anyone looking to gain experience. Since December 2017, I have been the campaign and communications intern and would recommend it to anyone. Read more

Exercise Can Reduce The Risk Of Stroke

Have you ever wondered how a #Stroke occurs or how you can reduce the risk? As part of #MakeMayPurple we've gathered some information. Read more

Mental Health (and how it affects me)

People sometimes call this the 'invisible illness' because it is hard to spot; it may be invisible but that certainly does not mean it isn't there! Read more

Smoking: Break The Habit

We all know that smoking is bad, so we won’t bore you with the details of the damage that smoking will take on a person’s body. What we will give you is two bits of good news! Read more

Spice up your Salad!

Salad is a perfect, fresh and healthy Summertime side or meal. Some people turn their nose up at salad, but the vast range of dressings can flavour any salad to your personal taste! Read more

Best foods for managing Diabetes

According to research, diabetes is the fastest growing health threat that we face today, yet there are style many myths surrounding the disease. Read more

10 ways to keep your kids active this summer

As any parent will know, kids have a lot more energy than we do and they need to be moving a lot more too! Read more