My Internship Story

Here at the Active Communities team, we run a series of internship opportunities that can really benefit anyone looking to gain experience.

Since December 2017, I have been the campaign and communications intern and would recommend it to anyone.


Being in my final year, I decided to start having a look for jobs to do once I’ve graduated. The charity sector grabbed me; the idea of feeling like you’re making a positive impact on other people’s lives through your job seemed perfect to me.

The only problem when job-hunting (especially for graduate schemes!) was that every employer wanted relevant work experience. I study music and everything on my CV was music-related, so didn’t really seem too relevant.

I came across the Active Nation website whilst looking for running events in Southampton and noticed that they had an internship section. I researched the organisation and it really seemed to fit with my interests, so I applied for the job.

The application is very short and un-intimidating, unlike most! You don’t need to submit a CV or provide any previous experience, you just answer three questions about yourself and your suitability to the job… easy!

What happened once you’d applied?

A few days after submitting my application, I had a reply from the Active Communities office asking me to come in and have an informal interview with Maxwell, Active Nation’s Partnerships Manager, in which we talked about what the organisation do and what I was looking to get out of an internship with them. It was clear how helpful the team were going to be in helping me learn new skills and boosting my employability.

Since then, I have been going into the Active Communities office every Monday morning and visiting sessions at other points during the week that take place across Southampton, ranging from athletics to canoeing. My role has mainly been writing articles about sessions ran by Active Nation and about the people who get involved. I never knew I enjoyed writing so much… it’s upped my writing speed too, which is great for uni work!

What are your colleagues like?

The Active Communities team is a small team which has been great as I’ve had the change to get to know everyone who I work with. Right from my first day, everyone was so welcoming and made me feel completely at home in the office.

Job hunting

Already, I’ve noticed the benefits of doing this internship. Of course, it has given me an excellent addition to my CV, but it has also changed my career desires. I never thought I’d be interested in jobs which include writing work, but I am now actively looking for jobs that do.

I’ll really miss working for Active Nation when my internship is finished and would encourage anyone to apply and get involved – you won’t regret it.