Lynn lives with her husband Karol in the New Forest and is a true warrior. In the face of adversity, she has shown us how to be strong which has a positive impact on others. 

Lynn was diagnosed with diffuse systemic sclerosis in 2001. She experienced skin tightening of her hands, body and face which effected her independence. Problems with Raynaud's, ulcers and calcinosis, also caused a lot of pain and discomfort which impacted her social life and career, halting her successful business. Furthermore, the visible difference that occurred because of the condition, impacted Lynn's confidence dramatically causing depression, worthlessness and isolation. She was very scared about what was going to happen next and fearful of dying. 

Recently, she's been focusing on what she can do including getting involved in research into scleroderma and attending autobiography and creative writing classes, which has led to publishing a novel 'Prizewinner'. Lynn has also become an ambassador for The Charles Wolfston Centre for Reconstructive Surgery and this has changed her mindset from negative when diagnosed, to positive. Lynn participates in public speaking and reached the semi-finals of the Venus awards in influential women of the year in 2015, a testimony of her firm resolution to succeed. 

Lynn enjoys her time at Active Nation Boutique Fitness where regular exercise helps to maintain her long term health condition. 

Lynn will be joining us at the Active Nation Boutique Fitness Discovery Evening so be sure to pop by and have a chat with this inspirational and influential supporter. 

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