As any parent will know, kids have a lot more energy than we do and they need to be moving a lot more too! But when they’re not in school, it’s easy for kids to not stay as active as they should – especially with all the screens and gadgets to keep them busy! So, make the most of this summer and get your kids moving with our top ten Summer activities. Just be sure to take hats, water and sun cream!

1.    ParkLives Activities!

Of course this is going to be the top of our list, not just because we organise over 60 free activities each week but because there really is something for every member of your family. Granny? Tick. The twins? Of course. The dog? Yep she can come too! Visit and find one of the many activities on offer for your kids this summer. Oh, did we mention these are free?

2.     Water Activities at SWAC

If you’ve never been in a boat before and can’t tell the pointy end from the flappy bit or if you’re a seasoned sailor looking to improve, SWAC can help! They can guarantee that they'e got a course, experience or package that will be perfect for you and more importantly, your kids.

As a result of over 25 years of experience in operation, a talented team of instructors and an array of boats & equipment, Southampton Water Activities Centre is the perfect place for you to indulge your passion for life on the water. Because their expert team are in place, they can help you Discover, Explore or Excel in all that there is to love about sailing and powerboating.

3.     Fruit picking

Visit a ‘pick your own farm’ and spend the day outdoors picking some delicious fresh fruit. This is a fun, interactive day out that will keep the kids busy, whilst teaching them about where foods come from. They could even spend the afternoon cooking and baking with the fruit they collected!

4.     Outdoor Activities at Woodmill

Don’t tell anyone…but Woodmill is definitely Southampton’s best-kept secret!

To those who drive past it, it probably just looks like any other old brick building. But step inside this converted former mill and it’s like walking through the wardrobe into Narnia. With an unexpected tranquil haven full of wonder and surprise (but without the lions or witches, obviuosly).

Woodmill is the only place in the UK that boasts four different types of water.  With a placid water lake, flowing River Itchen, tidal estuary and some thrill ride white water at low tide for kayaking & canoeing.

This makes it a fantastic location for paddle sport, with all abilities and adventures suited perfectly.

If canoeing and kayaking are not you’re thing, there’s plenty more that you can get involved in on dry land. Such as,  Archery, Climbing, Leap of Faith and Fencing!

Finally, for those after an adrenaline rush, why not try leaping through the air on the trapeze or speed down the rollers into the river (we might not be able to keep you out of the water for long!)

5.     Picnic

Check out our picnic blog from last month for some healthy recipe inspiration. Keep the kids active by combining the picnic with a walk and some ball games!

6.     Southampon's Play Days

SCPA was established in 1973. They provide organised play facilities through Holiday Play schemes and after school Junior Clubs for all children aged 5 and over throughout the City of Southampton. All their projects are free of charge and open access. Check them out!

7.     Visit a Park

Taking the kids to feed the ducks or even to visit a play park is a great way to get them out for a walk in the fresh air. Southampton has loads of green open spaces, woodland and walks along the shore of Southampton Water so the little 'uns wont get board!

8.     Cycle ride

Since the Tour de France is on this month, July is a great opportunity to encourage the kids to take up cycling. Cycling is a great way to keep active, save on public transport or petrol, and see some sights. It’s also a great way to teach the kids cycling road safety whilst they’re young! If you're in need of help with equipment, routes or friends to go with, our friends at Families Online have some great support available - say hello!

9.     Kids Activity Days

The focus, excitement and exercise involved in Activity Days with our friends at District Sports makes it a wonderful pastime, that will keep both you and the kids entertained. They run activity days across Hampshire so you wont have to travel too far and they offer great value for money too! 

10.  Testlands Hub kids activities

Founded in 2010, Testlands MultiSPORT Coaching has been dedicated to make a difference to teach, train and transform young people and adult’s lives in Southampton through offering opportunities to learn and lead in several capacities. Their vigorous and accurate assessment is used to tailor make all sessions they deliver to ensure personalised learning and progress for all, whether in groups, classes or as individuals, irrelevant of starting points or physical capabilities.

Their network and partnerships with a range of other sporting providers across Southampton, allows us to ensure that all needs and interests can be met from the mainstream to the bespoke. E.g Football, Tennis and Cricket to Taekwondo, Martial Arts and Yoga. Get in touch with them and find out how your kids can get involed!

So, plan some summer activities that will keep the kids active whilst having fun. And don’t worry if you’re working and busy during the school holidays – you can still make sure your kids are getting the most out of their days with our Active Nation school holiday programmes. From kayaking to cricket, your local Active Nation venue has you covered with our huge range of fun activities on to keep your kids moving this summer!