Spent too much time on the couch in 2018? Got a young family who take up all your time? Struggling to make ends meet each month? Whatever your life entails, you can still be healthy and active with help from our handy New Year New You guide below - just keep scrolling for more juicy suggestions, hints and tips.


You could be the ‘stay on the couch and watch Football Dad’ or ‘take the kids out and BE Football Dad’ - which one are you going to be in 2019? We’ve got 100’s of FREE activities across Southampton which are perfect for you and the kids. Check them out here.


As a mum it's important to look after yourself as well as your child. Did you know people who exercise regularly have better mental wellbeing and feel better in themselves? Having a young family doesn’t mean you can't make some time for yourself. 


Our exciting #ThisMumCan sessions are perfect for those who want to begin their Gym Mummy lifestyle! It's absolutely fine to bring along your children, as long as you can keep them safe and entertained during the sessions.

Read on to find out what we've got going on around Southampton this January:

Mum and Baby Gymnastics & Circuit Training Wednesday’s 9:30-10:25am Bitterne Leisure Centre

Starts 9th January and is just £3. For more information or to book a place call 023 8043 7647

Mum and Baby Studio Cycling

Wednesday’s 11:15am-12:00pm Chamberlayne Leisure Centre

Starts 9th January at Chamberlayne Leisure Centre - just £3. This session is an extra special Studio Cycling class which allows you to bring your little one to enjoy the experience too. They will remain in their car seat or pushchair next to you on the bike allowing you to see to their needs if necessary - lets get ready to party! Children will need to remain in their car-seat or pushchair during the session - unfortunately they can't ride a bike! For more information or to book a place call 023 8043 7668

Mum and Baby Legs Bums Tums

Tuesday’s 11:30am-12:15pm Chamberlayne Leisure Centre

Starts 15th January and yep, just £3! This class is exactly what it says on the tin - it focuses on these areas and you'll be surrounded by mummies who are all in the same boat! Your little one can come along in their car seat or pushchair or you can lay them out on a blanket/play mat so mummy is free to squat and lunge whilst your little one enjoys the music. To book a place call 023 8043 7668

Buggy Mums

Wednesday's 11am-12noon Southampton Outdoor Sports Centre

This FREE Buggy Mums fitness classes for mums and children are an hour long, and usually involve a 1-3 mile route in total. Classes start with a moderate warm up walk, moving into a power walk or run to raise our heart rates. Each session includes group exercises specifically to the individual selected to strengthen particular muscle groups, and enable us to cope with the demands of motherhood. Visit www.parklives.com to book


Thursday's 11.15am-12.15pm The Powerhouse @ Southampton Outdoor Sports Centre

Interested in Pilates? Heard it's good for you? Not sure what it is, or how to get started? Let's find out more with this FREE session from ParkLives Southampton... Visit www.parklives.com to book


Let's hear from Harj, a 41 year old solicitor, who moved to Southampton from Brighton with her husband and 2 1/2 year old son, a week before Dillon was born. Finding time to exercise whilst trying to maintain a work life balance is something which many of us can empathise with.

Why did Harj choose Buggy Mums?

In addition to being great fun, BuggyMums is a great opportunity to combine exercise with meeting other local mums, and it’s now Harj’s main way of keeping fit as it falls on a non working day. It’s a positive habit and an activity that Harj and Dillon enjoy together, outdoors in the fresh air.

Find out more over at the ParkLives Southampton Facebook page here.


The Get Active programme has been designed to offer a structured health & wellbeing programme for adults in Southampton who meet certain referral criteria. These criteria are:

  • You do less than 30 minutes of activity which leaves you out of breath, five times per week.
  • You have a medical condition.

The programme offers you structured support which will allow you to begin a suitable activity programme whilst thinking about healthy lifestyle changes. We will also give advise on how to exercise safely and offer you any other advice that you might need. 

Keen to get sorted? Begin your New Year journey with a chat with one of our friendly Healthy Living Practitioners

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5 I struggle to find the time! How can I stay active this year?

If we’re really honest with ourselves we can all find 3 blocks of 30 minutes every week when we’re not busy.

We all lead busy lives so if you’re still adamant you don’t have the time, ask yourself if your response would be the same if someone invited you to go out for a meal, or to see your favourite band this week? Don’t beat yourself up, you’re not alone. We all manage to make time for the activities we really want to do, so why do so many of us struggle to make time for exercise? The answer is probably nothing to do with time and more likely just another excuse.

We’ve pulled together some ways you can overcome this excuse and find a little extra time to be more active.

Click here to find ways to overcome this excuse!

6 Checked out our 31 exercise in 31 days blog?

Easy - we will help! Either refer yourself onto our tailored health & wellbeing programme (scroll up) or check out our '31 Exercises in 31 Days' blog.