Nick is our Communications Lead and is responsible for all things digital and communications. He is a creative guru and loves to get his teeth into digital tech and videography. Nick tells us what fitness and activity means to him:

"Fitness and activity is something that should be enjoyable and an experienced shared with others. It's doesn't need to be a chore or a weekly task.  It is important to show others how important activity is as you will always be a role model to another person if you meant to or not.  If your friends and family see that you are putting effort in to improve your lifestyle they may follow suit.  Find something that you can enjoy with others and suddenly it becomes a way of life. As a passionate American/Flag Football coach, I urge you to give it a try - it is the best sport out there after all!"

When he's not persuading the nation to be active through the means of the internet, you can find Nick spending time with his family, directing local junior parkrun events and, of course, coaching Flag Football!

To get in touch with Nick, give the office a call on 02380 784131 or drop us an email