Let's take the TV shopping channels. You'll watch products being manhandled and gloriously positioned in a hope that you'll call the premium rate number and buy them - has it ever worked on you? Okay, so we are firm believers that everything in life starts with a conversation. A conversation can persuade you to buy that latest top, those new shoes, try that new activity or join your friend at their favourite sports club. 

It's for this reason that real life stories within communities are at the forefront of our communications strategy. Blogs, stories and videos of real people, real sessions and real outcomes will help persuade more people to be more active more often.

Our journalism students are vital to the content collection within communities and we're pleased to be able to offer real life flexible intern placements for more students than ever before. 

This internship can provide real experience in:

  • Blog content collection and writing
  • Documentary creation
  • News stories
  • Event coverage
  • Photography
  • Videography

We realise that internships are all about you, not us. We ensure that each opportunity is tailored around you and what your studies require. It's for this reason that we are 100% flexible on duration, content and learning outcomes of each opportunity we offer. 

For more information or to apply for an internship opportunity just click here and register your details.