Ashley is our Commercial Lead responsible for our business to business commercial focus. His mission is to provide people in our community with the support they need to become more active and therefore healthier. Ashley explains his objective and why fitness is so important for him: 

"Personally, fitness and being active is the key to happiness for everyone. If you feel as if you're achieving, YOU ARE! Learning to not always compare yourself with the people around you and be competitive with the person you were yesterday means that you can really push yourself, giving you a great sense of achievement.  Getting active means that you can be the "best you". No more thinking needed... just come along and join the rest of the nation in getting active! I believe in you - Do you believe in you?"

When Ashley is not persuading the nation to be active, you'll see him at Southampton football Club with friends supporting the Saints. You'll also see him at most Southampton Park Run's and local running events raising money for charity.

To get in touch with Ashley, give the office a call on 02380 784131 or drop us an email