The #ThisGirlCan campaign, supported by Sport England, is inspiring women to get active and be themselves regardless of age, shape, size or ability. A celebration of women doing it for themselves.

Here at Active Nation Boutique Fitness, I want to celebrate and focus on the inspirational women that can help others to reach their goals and leave behind the fear and anxiety associated with  trying something new, something different, something challenging…

With the women I showcase, I want them to feel proud of themselves for their achievements, however big or small. Not just achievements associated with health and fitness, but in any aspects of their lives where they have strived to overcome adversity. Real women with real lives. I want their stories to inspire others to get out there and live life to the fullest.

To start the ball rolling, I’ll introduce myself – Club Manager for Active Nation’s newest acquisition, Active Nation Boutique Fitness (previously Shape Up Tone Up). Blowing my own trumpet alert!!

53 years old, mother of 5 grown up sons, grandmother. Passionate about people, life, love, the Universe. World traveller, avid reader, political campaigner and occasional activist, prison teacher, personal trainer, rugby league coach, dog lover, mad about music, books and films…the list goes on, and so without wishing to bore you…

My most recent #ThisGirlCan moment? Fighting for what I believed in and what I know benefits so many in the community.

When my business was faced with the threat of closure due to extortionate business rates. I knew I wasn’t going to lay down without a fight. And the fight wasn’t for me as such, but for the many people who benefit from the service I provide.

Representing the under-represented. Those who don’t or can’t access conventional fitness facilities. The elderly, the disabled, those with chronic conditions or those who simply want to feel part of a social environment, not a soulless, clinical space that many exercise arenas offer.

I took a chance and approached Active Nation with a somewhat pleading/begging/HELP US! Email and the rest is history. It was a relatively long journey but here we are now – part of the Active Nation charity.

The smiles on all the faces of my clients, the gratitude from those that rely on this facility for physical and mental health benefits, made every single email, text, letter, conversation and meeting [not to mention sleepless nights] worth it.

So enough about me, watch this space to get to know some truly inspirational women.

What is Active Nation Boutique Fitness?

Active Nation Boutique Fitness is Active Nation's first 'Boutique Fitness' venue - located in the heart of the New Forest, Lymington. We're way more than an exercise club in Lymington, our venue is a sanctuary, it's the home of your new friends! 

Active Nation Boutique Fitness opens its doors for those who need more than a workout… join Kenna and her team as we power through whatever you’re facing… and get those muscles moving along the way!

A safe space to overcome your exercise worries, celebrate your accomplishments, and power gently through your week on our power-assisted machines. Emerge feeling stronger, like the best version of yourself - because exercise is the fuel for life!

If you'd like to try Active Nation Boutique Fitness, click here and get your FREE SESSION today! For more information call Kenna on 01590 677 333, email [email protected] or visit

Monthly subscriptions begin at just £40 and we have state of the art equipment to gently stimulate and strengthen all the major muscle groups in the body, including the core. It is a controlled and safe form of movement, and provides a multitude of benefits, from changing your body shape to improving general strength and flexibility.