On a chilly Tuesday evening in November, I tried out ParkLives Intermediate Running for the first time. I was a little nervous as ‘intermediate’ sounds like it could be tough and it was definitely a step up from Couch to 5k or jogging. If, like me, you are someone who has been wanting to advance your running, improve and push yourself a bit harder, this is the session for you!

It was fantastic to have access to the normally busy athletics track and run properly with the guidance of the ParkLives coach Kim; along with some more experienced runners than myself. This was particularly helpful as they could offer advice and I could ask questions. It was a very friendly group of people which added a nice social aspect to the session and is a great opportunity to make friends.

To start the session we warmed up outside the track, which was nice to switch it up with different areas and not run just on the flat for the whole session. After the warm-up we did some drills together under the instruction of our coach. This was fun to do as a group as it spurred us on and ensured our technique was correct. It was great to have some coaching because it is so important to help avoid injury and keeps us running for longer!  The drills were high intensity and got us properly working before we started running around the track. I would definitely say that what was so great about the session is that you are pushing yourself from the very start.

After the drills, which everyone was beginning to get puffed out from already, we were told to run “3s & 5s”, which is 300 metres and then 500 metres repeatedly which was hard work, although there was a minute’s rest period between each run. Again, this was fantastic to do as a group as you get a bit competitive with yourself and others around you, which pushes you to try to perform your best.

This session was such a great work out and I will definitely be back next week with friends!   


You can join the Intermediate Running Group every Tuesday evening on the Athletics Track during the winter months from 5.45pm-6.30pm.  When the evenings get lighter, the group moves onto the many trails, pitches and hills around the Outdoor Sports Centre each Tuesday at the later time of 6pm-6.45pm.

We currently boast three free running sessions throughout the week including St James' Runners on a Monday evening, Intermediate Running Group on a Tuesday evening and Run4Fun on a Wednesday evening!  You can find out more by heading to our ParkLives page!


Eloise (Active Nation’s very own intrepid reporter)