In the summer of 2017 Peta made an important and life changing decision to try and de-stress her working life (and thereby her personal life too) by resigning as a major client. Leaving behind the famous Round the Island Race role of Press Officer of seven years, following on from eight years as Cowes Week's Press Officer. In February she then went on to resign from another client that she had worked with for the past seven years (a royal yacht club) - both hard decisions but very necessary to ensure her future wellbeing.

"I have been working in the male-dominated marine industry since the mid-eighties, and founded my own PR consultancy, PR works, in 1993, 25 years ago this November. I feel honoured and proud to be recognised by the industry and my peers as being at the top of my game and a bit of a guru in my industry. 

Over the past 33 years I've worked on marketing and PR campaigns with many of the top brands and the most iconic racing events in the UK and am fortunate to count amongst my friends and colleagues so many of our sailing greats. From Sir Ben Ainslie, Dame Ellen MacArthur, Dame Tracy Edwards to Alex Thomson as well as many Olympic and Paralympic sailors.

By mid-Autumn last year I was at a major crossroads in my working life, wondering whether I should now retire or partly retire, or try and get a new business in, or maybe do something completely different. I just couldn't see the wood for the trees. I felt vulnerable, losing confidence by the day and I was actually getting quite bored and stressed for different reasons (would I ever work again?) Within a few short weeks, I realised I needed to continue to be of value and that I wouldn't and couldn't give it all up just yet!

By chance, between Christmas and New Year I was writing an article for a sail cruising magazine about a sailing charity for which I was a trustee and spotted the ideal vacancy being advertised for me on the company website. I applied immediately, had an interview in London (first in many a year!) and within a couple of weeks I had been offered an exciting position as their Press & PR Manager, for the London based Cruising Association (CA). It's a role I fulfil as a consultant, working from home as usual, and a position where I feel valued as a part of a team again, where I am appreciated for my contribution, and where I can give the CA the full benefit of my experience and knowledge. It's a win-win and I work three days a week. This means that I can also continue my role as a volunteer for Oakhaven Hospice on the In Patient Unit, which challenges me but also grounds me and I have had the time to train as a Bedside Companion which starts this Christmas.

At nearly 64 years old I feel happier, more settled and balanced than I have for years. I get to walk every afternoon, so, as well as my sessions at Active Nation Boutique Fitness, I'm also feeling fitter than I have for ages thanks to the friendly team at Active Nation"

- Peta Stuart Hunt

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